Photo of woman with blonde hair standing infront of a rock wallI came up with No Question Dinners on my way home one evening from work. My husband had just switched to day shift for training after being on second shift for several years and I had been use to my nightly pattern of quick fixes for my two teenage boys. So, after the third evening of receiving the drive-home call … “What’s for dinner tonight?” … “Do you need me to pick something up for dinner?” … “You need to go grocery shopping. There is nothing in the house to eat.” I decided it was time to make a weekly dinner plan and head to the grocery store. I also realized that I was not the only woman in the world who suffered from answering these questions on a daily basis, so I decided that I was going to share my weekly plans with you, my readers!

No Question Dinners will also host my freezer stuffer meals. Freezer stuffers are dear to my heart, as they are meals that are already prepared and just need thrown into the crockpot or slow cooker in the morning before I leave for work. These meals are prepared in bulk, vacuumed sealed, and placed in the freezer. By preparing meals this way, you are saving on your grocery bill as you can generally use up the entire bag of potatoes, carrots, etc. instead of wasting half the package!

My weekly meal plans and freezer stuffers are recipes that I have picked for my family, so they may not meet the tastes or nutrition requirements for all families. However, if you do use them, I hope that your family enjoys them as much as my family does.


Shona Carr

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